Veterans Vacation Trust is a nonprofit organization supporting Veterans with 501(c)(3). We solely rely upon the generous donations and fundraising from individuals, subscription memberships, Veteran Organizations, Clubs, Corporations, Foundations, and grants for Veterans. They are Valued and honoured for their past and present service to our country.

We are an organization that helps Veterans. Hence, we utilize all the monetary subscriptions, donations, and contributions to Veterans Vacation Trust for resort condo completions, condo purchases, maintenance, management, and allocating funds for airfares for Veterans and their companions. We also offer free vacations for disabled Veterans such that they can reconnect with healthy outdoor island activities.

We have started this Nonprofit company to give something back to our Valued Veterans and support our Veterans to enjoy vacations on an island in Belize and hopefully other resorts in the future.

We started this venture personally for Veterans’ vacations and invested in constructing condos at Sapphire Beach Resort Belize. Unfortunately, the main bank (AIBL) and its construction company went into liquidation, but we legally secured the lien from the bank before they closed.

So with your generous assistance, donations, grants for Veterans, and fundraising efforts of individuals and companies, we will be able to finish the construction phases of floor 3 and floor 4 of building 17. Then, these condos will be used for Veterans’ vacations. Funds will also be required for furniture, white goods, utilities, and transportation and management.

Floor 3 consists of a 1500 square foot, 2bed, 2bath condo (40% completed), and floor 4 consists of approximately 1000 square feet penthouse suite (floor slab completed). Building 17 is forty steps to the beach, and the resort has pools, a bar, and a small restaurant. When we complete this, our goal is also to purchase a bottom floor condo that will also be wheelchair and disabled compatible for our Veterans. We are going to create travel programs for Veterans and free vacations for disabled Veterans.

We sincerely believe that we are the only organization online fundraising for a nonprofit company to offer free flights and accommodation at a great resort for subscribed members and company club donors. By supporting our cause, you will be Veterans Helping Veterans and supporting our Veterans. As members, you will be part of the support team in achieving our goals. When we complete the construction and units are ready for Veterans, we shall hold draws for winners to fill the calendar year. Veteran winners shall receive two round trip tickets plus accommodation at our condos for 2-4 weeks.


To encourage Veterans Helping Veterans promoting free Veterans vacations on our resort, enabling Veterans to relax and enjoy healthy activities of island life offerings.


Sapphire Beach Resort Belize is the jewel of Ambergris Caye. A Stunning, Untouched Eden on the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize. At Sapphire Beach Resort, the rush of time slows down to island time so one can relax and enjoy the atmosphere. The crystalline turquoise seas and soft, sandy shores remain as nature made them, beckoning guests to one of the world’s last unspoiled reef paradises. It is the second-largest living barrier reef in the world. We want to shape your Veteran’s dream holiday at our secluded beach resort condo, where pristine beauty, personalized service, and modern indulgences have formed a retreat of unparalleled allure. Or lounge on the white coral sand and soak up the radiant sun. You can sit back & chill, relax in your style of Veterans vacation or enjoy a glass of wine with that special someone you love in paradise or enjoying your friends who are off on their jungle adventures or sightseeing tours of the island.

It can also serve as the best family vacation for Veteran’s weekend. It will be a relaxing, therapeutic retreat that will reconnect you with the island life. That’s a Veterans Vacation at the “Sapphire Beach Resort,” located on the sunny Caribbean Island of San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Belize. Please watch this video for an excellent presentation of the resort. The condos we are completing are at the 53-55 seconds mark on the video link below.


Having served in the USN military for several years and now a member of the VFW at Marlinton WV, I know there is a great need for our Valued Veterans to enjoy vacations overseas at a minimal cost; otherwise, they may not be able to afford it. We would also like to give something back to my comrades in arms and feel this proposal would be an ideal way to achieve some happiness for our Veterans and military Membership. Therefore, we are developing a business plan that will allow Veterans and Active-Duty military of the USA to join the Veterans Vacation Trust subscription membership and then be able to become eligible for the vacation draws once we complete the condos.

VFW posts, Amvets, Wounded Warriors, The American Legion Posts, Military Clubs, any Veteran related Clubs, and Donor Clubs shall also be eligible for the draws if we receive donations from these clubs. Draw winners will consist of 2 weeks to one-month allocations with two airfares and condo rental paid for by Veterans Vacation Trust. Several draws shall be held such that the calendar year can be booked out.


We did seek the approval of the VFW Head Office to allow each VFW location post to promote, allow membership and patron contributions and allow the VFW centers to fundraiser donations for the VFW Veterans Vacation Trust. However, their position was that they could not directly order any VFW Posts that they can and cannot fundraise or donate to. We are the only organization to approach and thrive on fundraising platforms for nonprofits. Therefore, the VFW Corporate office stated this proposal had merit but directed us to approach and reach out to each VFW Post in appropriate states for their involvement if locally approved.

We are now reaching out to VFW Posts in W.V. and others in our initial drive to inform Veterans and support Veteran clubs of our requirement seeking donations, grants for Veterans, and fundraising assistance.


We are progressing the development and continuous improvement of our website domain www.Veteransvacationtrust.com.

The website will accept Veterans and Active-Duty personnel members and accept donations from individuals, organizations, and clubs. Veteran Vacation Trust is fundraising for nonprofits to support our Veterans and give them a chance for free Veterans vacations.

As well as the website, we intend to also mail and email flyers marketing our services and plan to assist Veterans with free resort vacations and healthy island activities. We are going to create travel programs for Veterans and free vacations for disabled Veterans.

In closing, we sincerely hope that the management in each head office of the VFW Post and its representatives will approve of a donation or fundraiser plan that will benefit the needs and happiness of Veteran members and their families. Other Veteran Clubs and organizations are most welcome, and your support and financial help for Veterans is also urgently needed and will be highly appreciated.

These donations will provide our Valued Veterans, their family, and patrons a safe holiday location in a great resort that also provides tours, snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, and booked trips to the mainland to visit Mayan ruins and cave tubing.

So, we sincerely hope that you will reply soon with some positive news about your approval support for our nonprofit company. We can then put the wheels in motion to complete the condo resort floors for the Veterans Vacation Trust.

Please consider giving to this great cause by helping Veterans. With your generous support, you will be assisting Veterans Helping Veterans and helping Veterans reconnect with relaxed, enjoyable activities in a unique and wonderful environment. We hope to hear back from you concerning your support for our Valued Veterans in need.

You can also make contributions and donations by mail to Veterans Vacation Trust,
P.O. Box 155 Green Banks, WV, 24944

Best Regards,
Michael Shedd, Veterans Vacation Trust CEO