We accept grants for Veterans so that the progress at the resort for Veterans’ vacations does not cease.

Become a hero for a veteran by donating to Military Veterans Grants.

Veterans Vacation Trust is a nonprofit organization supporting veterans and committed to helping veterans by giving them vacations through grants. We want to thank veterans for their service and honour with our helpful resources’ great gift of relaxation.

We care about veterans. We care about their well-being, their health, and their livelihood. All of our programs and initiatives are created to make a difference in the lives of veterans and their families.

Grants for U.S. Veterans.

The Veterans Vacation Trust offers free vacations for eligible military veterans to help them regain their active lives. With more than 1 million veterans living below the poverty line and over 400,000 homeless, most veterans don’t have the money to take care of themselves, let alone vacation with their families. That’s why we provide free vacations by using grants for veterans to help them escape from their daily struggles.

Make it happen today and help for veterans!

Don’t delay your donations and help us complete the construction of our Veteran Condos.

We believe in the power of vacations to empower veterans and their families. We empower military veterans by awarding them vacations they can use for themselves, their spouses, or their children. We are constructing resort condos to accommodate veterans’ travel from the funds for veterans and their companions.

All we ask from you is your support.

We do not ask for contributions from veterans themselves. We rely on private donations, subscription memberships, veteran organizations, clubs, corporations, foundation grants, and corporate sponsorships to fund everything we do for our vets.

Our promise.

We provide our grant donors with full transparency and accountability to know how and where their money is going. We will also be allocating the funds for the condos’ maintenance, management, and airfares for veterans and their companions and free vacations for disabled veterans.